• What to do when “Hostname api.qoo-app.com not verified”?

    This error only appears in 80313 or later versions, we are currently doing our best to fix this error as soon as possible.
    If you encounter the above issue, you can wait for QooApp to fix the error or try the methods below:

    1、If your phone is connecting to Wi-Fi, try set the DNS as manually.

    2、Clear QooApp Data: Go to「Settings」→「App info」→「Storage」→「Hit Clear Storage/Clear App Data」

    3、Uninstall QooApp and reinstall the latest version,offical link:http://r.qoo-app.com/y

  • Why are installed games not showing up in “My Games”?

    We are no longer operating QooApp 6.0.0 and any earlier versions. Please update QooApp as soon as possible and your installed games should show up normally. 
  • Why are some games not downloadable?

    1) Grey download button: If your Android version does not meet a game’s requirement, the download button is grey and not responsive.

    2) Google Play download button: Some games are not supported by QooApp and their game profiles should direct you to Google play.

    3) Device not compatible: When this message appears on the download button, that means your devices are not compatible with the game. Please try again with models suggested by the developer.

  • Why do some games fail to download?

    1) Internet issue: Please download using wifi.

    2) Device storage: Please spare more device memory.

    3) Clear data: Please go to your device setting, find QooApp in “Application” and tap “Clear Data”. Please bind your QooApp account before clearing data.

    4) Download stuck at 100%: Go to the game profile in QooApp and tap “Delete APK", then you should be able to download the game without any trouble.

    5) Apk is safe/scanning for threat/unable to scan: Please turn off Lookout and try again.

  • Why do some games fail to install?

    1) "Install" button not responding: Try turn off light adjusting app and unofficial device themes. 

    2) Parse error: Please go to the game’s profile in QooApp, open the top right menu and select “Delete APK”. Reinstall the game and the process should run normally.

    3) Download stuck at 100%: Go to the game profile in QooApp and tap “Delete APK", then you should be able to download the game without any trouble.

    4) Application not installed: 

    1. Lack of memory: You are advised to have at least more than 10% empty space in your device.

    2. If your game are not downloaded from QooApp or Google Play, you will not be able to update it via these platforms. Please bind your account, delete the apk, and download from these platforms.

    3. Internet issues: Unstable internet may lead to incomplete download. Go to the game’s profile in QooApp, open the top right menu and select “Delete APK”. Then download again with wifi. 

    4. SD card:

      1. Please avoid using SD card as your default storage. You are advised to use the device internal memory as default storage.

      2. Remove SD card and try install again. 

      3. Please avoid merging SD card memory with internal memory. Un-merge and move the game file to internal memory to ensure proper installation.

    5. Google Play: Go to your device setting and find Google Play in application setting. Tap “Clear data” and delete the old APK. Then try install the game again. 

    6. Rooted device: Download ES File Explorer. Go to “.android_secure/” and delete “smdl2tmpl.asec”. Then delete the apk and reinstall.

  • Why are some games not updated?

    1) For some games we need the publishers to provide the apk files. The process may take some time but we will continue to speed up communication with our partners. 

    2) Some games have different versions in various game stores and websites, but the in-game contents are essentially identical. 

    3) Localized versions may not share the same content with the original game. 

    If you find a game that is not updated in QooApp, go to the game's profile and tap the "Not Updated?" option in the top right menu.

  • How to install games with an extra data pack?

    1)Install the file with the “.apk” format.

    2)Download all the obb files to the storage.

    3Check the downloaded obb file. There should be something like “com.xxx.game”. This will be the game folder.

          E.g. If the obb file is named “main.1200.com.qooapp.game.obb”, the game folder name will be“com.qooapp.game”.

    4Find your saved location of the game or Android/obb folder. Create a folder with the same name of the game folder such as“com.xxx.game”.

    5)Find your downloaded files with “.obb” format in the Download folder. Copy/move them to the folder you just created in step 4. 


  • Why does "Download failed because you may not have purchased this app" show up?

    The application's obb file may not have installed properly. 

    1) Internet issue: Please use wifi to download any game to avoid data loss. Then go to the game's profile page on QooApp and tap "Re-download". 

    2)  Authorization: You have not authorized QooApp to access your device storage. Please go to your application setting, find QooApp and enable the corresponding authorization option. Then go to the game's profile page on QooApp and tap "Re-download". 

    Don't delete your game before binding account! 

  • Why do my games quit unexpectedly?

    1) Quit once launch: This happens to games with split apks. Devices such as Vivo and Meizu must download split apks from Google Play. Xiaomi devices must have “MIUI optimization” switched off and must be restarted in order to download split apks from QooApp. Detailed guide to switch off "MIUI optimization": https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/note/139413 .

    2) Quit after entering the game successfully: This may be an in-game bug or a sign that your device doesn't have enough ram. Please avoid running multiple applications at the same time.

    3) Google Play Services/Google play Store: Devices without Google Play Services or the latest Google Play Store or the latest may not be able to run certain games. Please install or update these services.

    Don't delete your game before binding account!

  • I did not receive any iQ after a successful purchase.

    Our customer service team will help you with any problems concerning iQ transaction. Please tap “Contact CS” and provide the following information: UID, screenshot of transaction record, details about the problem encountered.

  • How to change my QooApp username?

    In the current version users are able to change their name for once. Therefore, users cannot modify their name after the first chance.

    If you haven’t changed your username and wish to update your username, you can go to your profile page and click the pencil symbol next to your name to change it.

    Moreover, for the following reason we can renew your username :1. You misclicked and saved a wrong name. 2. The username is your real name/contains sensitive personal information.3. Username has not been modified but cannot be modified 

    For the above situations, please provide your UID, linked account (FB/Twitter, etc.) and the new username you prefer to mr@qoo-app.com we will change it for you!

  • Request for delete my QooApp account.

    If QooApp account has been registered for isekai pass, we're only able to delete the third party account  and the QooApp account still be able to log in with the previous setting of isekai pass.

    If you make sure to delete the third party account please provide the following information to mr@qoo-app.com:

    1. Your UID and user name

    2. The third-party account you had used when logged into QooApp

    3. Why you want to delete it

    Last but not least, regarding the serve of deleting isekai pass is under development process. If there is any follow-up progress, we will announce it ASAP.

    Thank you for your understanding!

  • What should I do if I have found a violation comment/post?

    If you have found the violation comment/post, you can keep pressing the post or tap the top right of the comments, then choose [Report] and we will check it. 

  • What should I do if I can't find an answer to my question in this FAQ?

    Mr. Qoo is here to help you! Send him an email: mr@qoo-app.com

  • QooApp Content Rating


         Games with this rating contain content is generally suitable for all ages. They can contain content such as infrequent use of mild /cartoon violence and mild language.

    2)Early Child

         Games with this rating contain content which is aimed towards a preschool audience. They do not contain content that parents would find objectionable to this audience.

    3)Everyone 10+

         Games with this rating contain content is generally suitable for those aged 10 years and older. They can contain more mild / cartoon violence and mild language, minimal suggestive content.


         Games with this rating contain content is generally suitable for those aged 13 years and older; they can contain moderate amounts of violence (small amounts of bloods), suggestive themes, sexual content, and crude humor.


         Games with this rating contain is generally suitable for those aged 17 years and older; they can contain intense and/or realistic portrayals of violence, stronger sexual themes and content, partial nudity, and more frequent use of strong language.

    6)Adult Only

         Games with this rating contain is suitable for those aged 18 years and older; they contain strong sexual themes and content, graphic nudity, extreme portrayals of violence, or unsimulated gambling with real currency. 

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