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What is QooApp?

QooApp is a world of freedom for otaku. In this loving community, you can find great games, latest news, and fellow otaku who share your love! 

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We have the hottest, the latest Japanese & Korean mobile games – from your favorite anime games to exquisite indie games!  

Otome Portal sends you to a world of ikemen!

Find all updates, news, notes and game cards on the Game Profile!

Rate and comment the games you played – best comments will even get the spotlight on our “Featured” page!

Join fun, exclusive events to win anime merch and more!

Read our otaku news so you won’t miss out anything – most importantly gaming news about your long-awaited anime games!

Summon servants voiced by Sumire Uesaka and Yoshimasa Hosoya. Enjoy their company!

Meet new friends on IMQoo and your gaming life is never lonely!

Need to take a break from infinite grinding? Just read some manga!

Contact Mr. Qoo via email (mr@qoo-app.com) or IMQoo (96368).

Mr. Qoo will try his best to answer all your questions!

Issues You May Encounter When Downloading QooApp

Q1: Is QooApp safe?

All games/apps listed on QooApp are from

1. their respective developers/publishers;

2. Google Play, so they are 100% safe.

There are other platforms which are similar to QooApp. Yet, it is not guaranteed the sources of their apps are safe.  Please stay alert and always download from QooApp.

Q2: Does binding my QooApp account require my personal details?

When you bind your QooApp account with third-party platforms such as Google and Facebook, we will collect your personal data including QooApp member number, email address, avatar and nickname for identification proposes only. We never share your personal details with any third parties without your authorisation.

Q3: Why did I fail to download?

1. update QooApp;

2. go to your phone’s settings page → applications → find QooApp → clear data.

Q4: What kind of authorization does QooApp need?

Here are all the permissions QooApp needs.

Q5: Why does QooApp need access to my camera and SD card memory?

This is because of a few reasons:

1. Camera: Users are able to enter QooApp and synchronise their QooApp account on different devices by scanning a certain QR code provided;

2. To write and read external storage: the apk files downloaded from QooApp are stored in a SD card and the phone’s internal memory;

3. Internet: QooApp is an online app and it requires internet connect to read game lists, proceed downloads and update articles;

4. To identifying a phone’s status: QooApp needs to identify the ID stored in a phone in order to help users recover their data when they log in their QooApp accounts in another phone;

5. To access Google/Facebook: When logging in QooApp via Google and Facebook, QooApp reads the users’ accounts without getting access to the passwords, and the whole log in process is done in Google and Facebook plug-in;

6. To display QooApp contents via another app: When visiting contents from QooApp in another app, users are able to open them in QooApp;

7. To prevent a phone from sleeping: QooApp needs to run in the background in order to display notifications;

8. To control vibration: After scanning a QooApp related QR code, the phone vibrates to indicate successful scanning.

Issues You May Encounter When Using QooApp 

Q1: How do I want to find game of a specific genre?

On our “Featured” page you can find games are recommended by us and our users. You can of course also sort game according to their genre using our “Search” function.

Q2: How do I download games?

Tap “Download” to download the game you desire. Any extra data packets will be downloaded automatically as long as it is required by the game. There will be an error message if these data packets are not properly installed. In that case, please go to your phone’s settings page, find  applications and then find QooApp, turn on storage permission. Once you finish these steps you should be able to download the game.

You can also download data packets manually by following the steps here.

Q3: How do I install games?

After downloading APK you will be taken to an installation page. All you need to do is to tap “install”. The APK will be deleted from your storage once the installation is successful.

Q4: How do I update a game?

First of all please make sure you have the latest version of QooApp. When a game has an update, go to QooApp and the game’s profile. Tap the “Update” button, or go to “My Games” and tap “Update All”.

Please keep in mind that there is NO NEED to delete the app before you update it.

Q5: Why are some games not updated?

Chances are your game is already on our update queue but not yet updated. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

If a game is not updated 12 hours after the latest version comes out, you are welcome to send Mr. Qoo an email (mr@qoo-app.com).

Q6: I can’t find the game I want. What should I do?

You can go to QooApp’s menu on the left side and tap “Recommend a Game”. Write a note about the game you are looking for and we will try to include the most suitable games! Kindly be reminded that whenever you “Recommend a Game”, you should follow to rules listed in this NOTE

We also welcome game developers to send us quality, original works. Please see HERE for more details.

Q7: How can I download paid games?

Tap the price icon and you will taken to a purchase page. Once the purchase is successful you will be able to install the game!

Q8: How can I comment/rate a game?

Once your game is installed, go to the game’s profile and scroll down to find “Rate”. Write your comment in the blank space and save.

Tapping on other comments allows you to write a reply. You will get notification in “Notification Centre” if anyone replies to your comment.

Q9: How can I relate my note with a game?

We understand that you may have useful guides or some other thoughts to share besides game comments – that’s why we let you relate your note with games.

Notes created via a game profile are automatically related to the game of that profile. If you want to change the related game of a note that you have already published, you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to the note you want to edit, open the top right menu and select “edit”
2. Tap “Related games”
3. Tap “+” or “Add Game”
4. Search the game you want your note to relate to and tap “OK”
5. Go back to the note you are editing and tap the top right button to save

* If you are using our site to publish notes, you must relate games before you publish.

Q10: How can I change the privacy setting of a single note?

All notes are public by default. When you publish a note, you can change the privacy setting under your avatar. On our website, you can find the privacy setting menu beside “Publish”.

* All comments, notes, and game cards are features exclusive to registered users. Please follow QooApp’s terms and conditions whenever you produce any contents.

Issues You May Encounter When Using IMQoo

Q1: How can I find groups to join?

1. Use our “Explore” function and find interesting groups;

2. Go to “Search” and enter the ID/name of the group you want to join;

3. Go to  “Search” and enter keywords, for example, a game that you are playing.

Q2: How can I add friends?

Using our “Search” function you can find a person by entering his/her username or UID. If it’s a member of your current group that you want to add, you can just tap his avatar and tap “Add Friend”.

Q3: How can I start a group?

Tap “Create Group” and fill in all the details required.  Tap the “√” button on the top right corner to finish.

Q4: Where can I get more stickers?

Go to a chatroom and enter our “Sticker Shop” by pressing “+” on the keyboard.

Other Issues about Using QooApp

Q1: What is the Android requirement of QooApp?

In order to use QooApp you need Android 4.0 or above.

Q2: Is QooApp available on iOS?

We are not available on iOS. If you wish to play Japanese & Korean Games on iOS, you need to register for a local AppStore account.

Q3: I have already sent an email to Mr. Qoo. Why haven’t I received a reply?

Mr. Qoo is unable to send emails to the email addresses provided by telecom service providers, e.g. @mgw.mmsc1.hkcsl.com / @3gmms.pccwmobile.com /@mm4.three.com.hk /@mms.emome.net. Please use proper email providers, such as Gmail, to write Mr. Qoo emails.

It’s also possible that Mr. Qoo’s emails are labelled as spam emails. Please search your mailbox carefully for his replies.

Q4: My device is rooted. What kind of games am I unable to play?

A lot of Japanese & Korean mobile games can detect rooted devices. Please read carefully all the details provided by us on the game profile. Hiding root is not guaranteed to work. For example, DragonBall Z Dokkan Battle can detect hidden root as well.

Q5: QooApp is pretty good. How can I show my support?

1. Tell your friends about us. Tell the world about us!
2. Like QooApp!
3. Encourage us by commenting on our posts!
4. Contact Mr. Qoo, Elly, Gilbert on IMQoo and tell them how much you appreciate us!

Q6: How can I get help faster?

When you send Mr. Qoo (mr@qoo-app.com) an email, please also send him your UID and a screenshot of the issue you have!

Game Installation Issues

Q 1:   What should I do when I get the message “Parse Error”?

The possible reason for “Parse Error” is an incomplete apk file. Please go to profile on QooApp → my games, press the folder icon on the right side and delete the apk file. Then try download the app and install it again.

Q 2:  What should I do when I get the message “Application not installed” ?

When an application is not installed, it is often due to:

1. a lack of memory space, you are advised to have at least more than 10% empty space;

2. using SD card as your default storage, you are advised to use the phone’s internal memory as default;

3. the game crashing with previous download records, you are advised to clear cache and Google Play’s data;

4. merging SD card memory with internal memory, you are advised to un-merge and move the game to the internal memory before you  merge the storage again.

Q 3:  What should I do when I cannot press the install button ?

A: You should try turning off Bluelight filter and other light adjusting apps.

In-game Issues

Please keep in mind that QooApp is not a game developer. If there is any in-game issues, it has nothing to do with QooApp.

Q7:  Why can’t I enter the game?

A: If you cannot launch a game at all, it is probably due to 

1. the lack of google service framework;

2. using a rooted device;

3. your phone model not being supported by the game.

Q8:  Why does the game always crash?

A: This is probably because of insufficient RAM. You are advised to close unnecessary apps when playing.

Q9: How can I bind my account? How can I pay for in-game items? Why does my game quit suddenly? Why is it frozen?

QooApp does not make or own most of them games listed on our app. You need to contact the game developer for help.

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