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Q o: What is QooApp?

A:  QooApp is an Android game platform, providing Japanese & Korean mobile gaming resources for users worldwide.

Started from Jan 2014, QooApp has brought over seven million gamers around the world together and improved their gaming experience.

Download Issues

Q 1:  Is QooApp safe?

A: All games/apps listed on QooApp are from

1. their respective developers/publishers;

2. Google Play, so they are 100% safe.

There are other platforms which are similar to QooApp. Yet, it is not guaranteed the sources of their apps are safe.  Please stay alert and always download from QooApp.

Q 2:  Why did I fail to download?

A: Please try to

1. update QooApp;

2. go to your phone’s settings page → applications → find QooApp → clear data.

Q 3:  What should I do when downloading fails? Is it because I haven’t purchased this application?

A:   This is probably because the game data files are not properly installed. Please refer to the instruction on the game’s info page. You can download files from MEGA and place them in the OBB folder. Tutorial here. 

Installation Issues

Q 4:   What should I do when I get the message "Parse Error"?

A: The possible reason for "Parse Error" is an incomplete apk file. Please go to profile on QooApp → my games, press the folder icon on the right side and delete the apk file. Then try download the app and install it again.

Q 5:  What should I do when I get the message "Application not installed" ?

A:  When an application is not installed, it is often due to:

1. a lack of memory space, you are advised to have at least more than 10% empty space;

2. using SD card as your default storage, you are advised to use the phone’s internal memory as default;

3. the game crashing with previous download records, you are advised to clear cache and Google Play’s data;

4. merging SD card memory with internal memory, you are advised to un-merge and move the game to the internal memory before you  merge the storage again.

Q 6:  What should I do when I cannot press the install button ?

A: You should try turning off Bluelight filter and other light adjusting apps.

In-game Issues

Please note that  QooApp is not a game developer. If there is any in-game issues, it has nothing to do with QooApp.

Q 7:  Why can’t I enter the game?

A: If you cannot launch a game at all, it is probably due to 

1. the lack of google service framework;

2. using a rooted device;

3. your phone model not being supported by the game.

Q 8:  Why does the game always crash?

A: This is probably because of insufficient RAM. You are advised to close unnecessary apps when playing.

Q 9:  Can I recover my account after I reset my phone?

A: Before reseting your phone, please try

1. synchronising your account; 

2. transferring your account.

If you reset your phone without doing the procedures above,  it is almost impossible for you to retrieve it.  You can contact the game developer to see if there’s any luck getting it back. Good Luck!

Authorisation issue

Q 10: Why does QooApp need access to my camera and SD card memory?

A: This is because of a few reasons:

1. Camera: Users are able to enter QooApp and synchronise their QooApp account on different devices by scanning a certain QR code provided;

2. To write and read external storage: the apk files downloaded from QooApp are stored in a SD card and the phone’s internal memory;

3. Internet: QooApp is an online app and it requires internet connect to read game lists, proceed downloads and update articles;

4. To identifying a phone’s status: QooApp needs to identify the ID stored in a phone in order to help users recover their data when they log in their QooApp accounts in another phone;

5. To access Google/Facebook: When logging in QooApp via Google and Facebook, QooApp reads the users’ accounts without getting access to the passwords, and the whole log in process is done in Google and Facebook plug-in;

6. To display QooApp contents via another app: When visiting contents from QooApp in another app, users are able to open them in QooApp;

7. To prevent a phone from sleeping: QooApp needs to run in the background in order to display notifications;

8. To control vibration: After scanning a QooApp related QR code, the phone vibrates to indicate successful scanning.

Suggest New Game

Q 11: Can I suggest a new game to be published on QooApp ?

A: Yes! You can suggest a new game via email and Twitter. Before that, you are strongly recommended to read some rules first. 

Contact QooApp

Q 12:None of the above is my problem! How can I contact QooApp?

A: Email Mr. Qoo: mr@qoo-app.com

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