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Privacy Policy

QooApp values your privacy. The use of QooApp’s services (“Services” or “our Services”) may involve the collection and use of your information. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) informs you of our practices regarding how we collect, use, store and share these personal details, as well as how you can access, update, control and protect these details when you use our Services. This Privacy Policy is of great relevance to the Services you use and you may need to make your choices by referring to this when necessary, so please read this carefully. The technical terms used here are briefly explained and linked to further references for better understanding.
By using our Services, you agree that we may collect, use, store and share your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Please do contact us at mr@qoo-app.com if you have any enquires regarding this Privacy Policy.

Types of Personal Information We Collect

In providing our services, we collect, store and use the following personal information. You may not be able to register as a user, enjoy some of our Services or take full advantage of the Services if you do not provide us with the information we need.

Information you give us

1. Information which you make available to us when you register an account or use our services, such as your email address; and
2. information which you make available to our Services as you use them, including shared Information you make available to others through our Services and information you store using our Services.


Information you share with others

Your shared information which others make available to us through our Services.

Information We Get from Your Use of Our Services

We collect the following information when you use our Services:
1. log information that is automatically collected by us through cookies and web beacon when you use our Services;
2. device or software information such as your IP address and your device’s version and identification number made available by your web browser or other programmes you use to access our Services;
3. information about what you have searched for and looked at while using our Services, such as web search terms used, social media url address visited and details of other information and content accessed or requested by you in using our Services;
4. information about what mobile applications and other softwares you have used and how you have used them;
5. information about communications you have made using our Services, such as the accounts you’ve communicated with and the time, data and duration of your communications;
6. information you have made available by sharing though our Services (metadata), such as the date, time or location that a shared photograph or video was taken or posted.


How We Use Information We Collect

We may use the information collected during your use of our Services for the following purpose:
1. to provide you with our Services;
2. for authentication, customer service, security, fraud-detection, archival and backup purposes when providing our Services, and for ensuring the safety of said Services;
3. to help us develop our new services and improve our existing Services;
4. to better understand how you access and use our Services, for the purposes of responding to your desires and preferences, including language and location customisation, personalised help and instructions, or other responses to your and other users’ usage of our Services;
5. for the purposes of software verification or administering software upgrades.


Accessing and Controlling Your Personal Information

We strive to ensure your access to, and give you ways to update and correct your personal information and registration information with appropriate technical effort. Authentication may be required for security purposes when you request access, update, correction, and deletion of such information.
We will not share your personal information with a third party without your consent.
We will retain, store or disclose your information for the following purposes:
1. to comply with any applicable law and regulation;
2. to comply with any court order and legal process;
3. to comply with any enforceable governmental request;
4. where we believe it is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to protect public interest and protect the safety and rights of our affiliate companies, us, other users of our Services and our employees.


Information Safety

We retain your personal information you provide for the length of time needed to fulfill any of the applicable purposes described in this Privacy Policy, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
We use a variety of security technologies and programmes to preventing loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure of information. In some of our Services, we will use encryption technology (such as SSL) to protect certain sensitive information you provide us. Please be aware that despite our efforts, no data security measures can guarantee 100% security at all times due to limitation in technologies and other possible existing malicious methods. Our systems and the communications networks through which you access our Services may be subject to security breaches and failures which are due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


Information You Share

A number of our Services enable shared information to be shared publicly with all users of those Services and not just your contacts. This shared information may include the information you upload and publish using our Services (such as the personal details you have made public and the lists you have made), the feedback you give regarding the information that others upload and publish as well as any associated log information and location data. Our social media services in particular are primarily designed to help you share information with the world, so shared information can be broadly and instantly transmitted and will remain public for as long as you do not delete it. Even after you delete the shared information, it may still be separately cached, copied, or stored by, or remain public through, other users or third parties who are not affiliated with and not controlled by us.
Please consider carefully what you upload, publish and communicate through our Services. You can adjust your privacy settings through some of our Services to control whom are authorised to visit your shared information under some circumstances. If you wish to delete your information from our Services, please do follow the special terms to do so.


The Sensitive Information You Share

Certain personal information is characterised as sensitive due to its distinctive nature, such as information about your race or ethnic origin, religious or personal health. It is subject to stricter regulation than other personal information.
Please note that content and information that you provide, upload or publish to our Services (such as photographs or information about your social activities) may reveal your sensitive personal information to others. We urge you to consider whether it is appropriate to communicate sensitive personal information within our Services.
You consent to all processing of sensitive personal information for the purposes and in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.


How We Collect Information

We or the third-party services that we use may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacon, and may then store it as log information.
We use our own cookies and web beacon in order to provide you with more personalised services and experiences as well as for the purposes listed as followed:
1. to memorise your identity, for example, cookies and web beacon help us identify you as our registered user and store your preferences as well as other information that you provide;
2. to analyse how you use our Services, for example, we use cookies and web beacon to be informed of what activity you perform using our Services and what your favorite website or service is;
3. beside the purposes mentioned above, we may use cookies and web beacon to collect non-personally identifiable information, then we make use of the said information for advertising purpose, not before we process it and give it to advertisers or other partners for analysing how users use our Services.
There may be cookies and web beacon placed by advertisers or other partners in our products and Services. These cookies and web beacon may collect the non-personally identifiable information related to you for the purpose of analysing how users use the Services and sending to you the advertisements you might find interest in, or evaluating the effects of the advertisements.
Collection and use of such information via third-party cookies and web beacon will not be subject to this Privacy Policy, but will be subject to privacy policies applicable to the users, and we will not be liable for the third-party cookies or web beacon.
You may use browser to refuse or manage cookies and web beacon. However, you shall be aware that ceasing to use cookies and web beacon, you may not be able to enjoy the best experiences, and parts of our Services may no longer function correctly. Furthermore, you may receive the same amount of advertisements that has low relevance to you.


Communications from Us


Newsletters and other types of communications

When you use our services, we may use your information to send you emails, newsletters or push notifications to your device. If you no longer wish to receive these communications, you can do so by following the unsubscribe instructions.

Service-related announcements

We may from time to time send you service-related announcements when we consider it necessary to do so (such as when we temporarily suspend one of our services for maintenance). You may not be able to opt-out of these service-related announcements, which are not promotional in nature.

Exceptions to This Privacy Policy

Our services may contain or link to social media or other services provided by a third party (websites included). For example:
1. you may share content on our Services using services provided by a third party and log on to our Services through a third party. The third party who provides such services may be able to collect your information (including your log information), and may set cookies on your computer to enable such services to function properly;
2. we will provide links to you via advertisements or other methods used by our services, to enable you to access services or websites of a third party.
Such third party social media or other services may be operated by the relevant third party or us. Your use of such third-party social media services or other services (including personal information provided to the third party by you) shall be subject to the terms and privacy policies of such third party (not our Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy), and you are advised to read carefully such documents. This Privacy Policy shall only apply to the information we collect, but shall not apply to the services provided by any third party or the information use regulations of the third party. We will not be held liable for the use of information you provide by any third party.


Use of Our Services by Minors

We recommend minors under the age of 18 to be under the guidance of parents and guardians when using our Services. We encourage parents and guardians to read this Privacy Policy and that minors should ask for approval and guidance from their parents and guardians.

The Scope of This Privacy Policy

All of our services shall be governed by this Privacy Policy. Certain special services shall be governed by special privacy policies. The special privacy policies applicable to the special services shall state in more detail how we will use your information in provision of such services. The privacy policies for the special services shall constitute a part of this Privacy Policy. In case of inconsistency between the privacy policies for the special services and this Privacy Policy, the privacy policies for the special services shall prevail.
Unless otherwise provided herein, the expressions in this Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in the Terms of Service.
Please note that this Privacy Policy shall not apply to any of the following:
1. the information collected through third party services (including any third party websites) accessed via our Services;
2. the information collected by other companies or entities that provide advertisement services via our Services.



We may amend the clauses of this Privacy Policy from time to time, which shall be an integral part of this Privacy Policy. If such amendments will substantially reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by putting a reminder on the home page our website or sending you email or otherwise prior to the amendments taking effect. In such case, if you continue to use our Services, you are deemed to have consented to be bound by this Privacy Policy as amended.

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